Posted on July 01, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

As I forced the staff to do a lunchtime team run yesterday around the ghetto land in our area (actually one of the highest crime areas in South auckland) so not only was it a run, but almost a navy seal mission... One thing stood out for me..a comment made by Julz aka as my dearest friend Amy, she said 'bloody hell shaz're like an energiser just keep going and going' as I actually, even though I was physically dying inside... I wanted to make out I wasn't.... Julz also didn't see me last night soaking my aches and pains and taking a nurophen as I clearly had I over done the exercise that day..So I guess with a new month comes new determination from this energiser bunny to keep going and going ... However I feel like a freakin old pathetic bunny right now who doesn't want to come out of his little warm hole, I'm going to hop right out back into the traffic.  

Ok ...wish me luck, as July hasn't really started out as I planned but Im putting my little cotton socks back on and here I go!  Knew I should have rolled with 'SirSockAlot' ... :( 

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Good bye June ....

Posted on June 30, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I'm feeling hungry, sleep deprived and happy to say good by to June, not only has it been to cold for my liking (not a winter type of girl) but also I have spent the whole month in limbo... (I'm also not a limbo type of girl)..!

In saying that, limbo has also been semi kind to me, it's made me make decisions about getting back into shape, it's also made me firmer on expectations.  So I guess limbo has its purpose, as when you can't control anything you tend to apply yourself to things you can, and normally things that should have been sorted a while that's cool...but I'm not going to lie...I'm happy to kiss goodbye to June...may July be more certain and allow me to get things done!  #buildabiz 

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Dear Universe ....

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Dear Universe, ...ok, I'm sorry but I have a few requests .. Firstly I just want to state my case.... I've been a good girl lately and working very hard.  I know I've been eating a lot of chocolate cupcakes, but really, I think we can classify this as comfort eating whilst I await the #buildabiz shopify results.

Anyway Universe, can you please do a few things for me...

1.  Shine down on the awesome peeps at #shopify and give them warm fuzzy feelings about #honeybunch ....or tell them to please put me out of my cupcake eating misery's not good for me!

2.  Whisper in Richard Bransons ear how good his hair looks blowing in the wind, and in the same breath mention my name and #honeybunch....

3.  Last but not least this one is the toughest cookies, possibly ...whilst Tim Ferriss is sipping on his tea, can you please form the letters Honeybunch with his tea leaves... Maybe do a tea left portrait of me when I was 18 or something...? Will 'leaf' it up to you ..

Ok, thanks Universe, I know it's a big ask .... But I have every faith in you #buildabiz 

feel better now :) 


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Big leap ...big city ...

Posted on June 19, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

I'm feeling calm, quite and well ..sort of good that I've taken the leap ..and I'm in the process of signing for a shop in Hong Kong!

I knew this was the goal, but when you are faced full frontal with such massive financial decisions it's pretty crazy..

I'm super proud of the Honeybunch team ,., I've dragged them not only into this international adventure but into the ocean ..on my mad galavants ... And completely out of their comfort zone!  But they have held up super well..and still are smiling..... At least they look happy ..unless I've taught them to many of ShazDanays acting skills! LOL!!

Making a decision is also great for the team, I know with our culture's going to be not only great ...but super fun...I'm I love with my products, my brand, and the people in my team ... It's infectious and hopefully worldwide contagious!!!! That's what I call #buildabiz ....

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Laugh your way through....

Posted on June 15, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Being self employed can be tough ...but for us ..when the going gets tough...the honeybunchers get giggling ...

Its almost like my rescue situation to pick up moral to step into my 'ShazDanay' character and breath some life into sometimes what seems impossible....but low and behold .. It works ...

So today, a bleak winters day, with uphill financial challenges entering the Hong Kong market , we successfully turned everything into a giggle fest and after laughing and laughing everything seems ok :) 

I actually don't care what anyone thinks ...its completely liberating ....and it's great to see that everyone at work is enjoying this nutty ride... I think deep down inside everyone has a Julz, a Sharona , a Kenny or a ShazDanay, we just don't let them out often ... 

Being involved in the #buildabiz has been awesome for not only me, ...but for everyone who has jumped on the Honeybunch funny train ...and that feels great!

Oh, and yes.... We do aspire to be YouTube sensations...


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The we can 3....

Posted on June 12, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

The most amazing feeling of having a big uphill grind is to know that you can actually achieve it ...why ..cause we are the 'we can 3'...the Charlies Angels of South Auckland ...the Julz,Sharonas and ShazDanays of HK and 3 sassy pant chicks who can make this happen.

I know a lot of this journey is sparked by my nutty vision of international success, but I can't help but feel ultra proud of possibly being the spark that ignited confidence, pride and strong cool woman.

 Even better the Mainfreights of this world who have stepped up and offered us free space in Hong Kong for 6 months ..I mean, this sort of stuff is priceless!! I completed humbled by the experience and the support.  

Today has been a high in a long journey, both past and ahead ...but I'm super excited to do this with such a great bunch.... The 'we can 3' .... #buildabiz ......look forward to the yellow doors ladies!

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Bigger than I thought ..

Posted on June 09, 2015 by Lisa Jolly

Bigger than I thought ..but not bigger than me...that's I guess my new attitude on returning from Hong Kong.... It's a combo of a little bit of Richard Branson plotting the course and aiming big, Tim Ferriss attempting to live beyond my means and wherever imagination will take me, and Daymond John grinding like the Starbucks coffee machine to make a smooth roast... #buildabiz shopify platform has given me so much confidence, but my Motherly small country mind is scared shitless!  

So after my sweet dreams of Necker Island tonight, I'm going to get up, 4 am and reset my goal clock, im going to commit to a premise within in my means but keep the amazing premise option open whilst the management of the prestigious development takes me through now a 2 month period, then, if I get an offer Im going to make that happen to..its a opportunity that cannot be missed! I know for the sake of #honeybunch brand, I need to strike whilst the iron is hot..get the doors open in HK and do what I do well...create an amazing culture and brand that people,want to be part of.... Ok ...easy off to Necker Necker land ...sweet dreams #buildabiz

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