June 15, 2015

Laugh your way through....

Being self employed can be tough ...but for us ..when the going gets tough...the honeybunchers get giggling ...

Its almost like my rescue situation to pick up moral to step into my 'ShazDanay' character and breath some life into sometimes what seems impossible....but low and behold .. It works ...

So today, a bleak winters day, with uphill financial challenges entering the Hong Kong market , we successfully turned everything into a giggle fest and after laughing and laughing everything seems ok :) 

I actually don't care what anyone thinks ...its completely liberating ....and it's great to see that everyone at work is enjoying this nutty ride... I think deep down inside everyone has a Julz, a Sharona , a Kenny or a ShazDanay, we just don't let them out often ... 

Being involved in the #buildabiz has been awesome for not only me, ...but for everyone who has jumped on the Honeybunch funny train ...and that feels great!

Oh, and yes.... We do aspire to be YouTube sensations...


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June 12, 2015

The we can 3....

The most amazing feeling of having a big uphill grind is to know that you can actually achieve it ...why ..cause we are the 'we can 3'...the Charlies Angels of South Auckland ...the Julz,Sharonas and ShazDanays of HK and 3 sassy pant chicks who can make this happen.

I know a lot of this journey is sparked by my nutty vision of international success, but I can't help but feel ultra proud of possibly being the spark that ignited confidence, pride and strong cool woman.

 Even better the Mainfreights of this world who have stepped up and offered us free space in Hong Kong for 6 months ..I mean, this sort of stuff is priceless!! I completed humbled by the experience and the support.  

Today has been a high in a long journey, both past and ahead ...but I'm super excited to do this with such a great bunch.... The 'we can 3' .... #buildabiz ......look forward to the yellow doors ladies!

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June 09, 2015

Bigger than I thought ..

Bigger than I thought ..but not bigger than me...that's I guess my new attitude on returning from Hong Kong.... It's a combo of a little bit of Richard Branson plotting the course and aiming big, Tim Ferriss attempting to live beyond my means and wherever imagination will take me, and Daymond John grinding like the Starbucks coffee machine to make a smooth roast... #buildabiz shopify platform has given me so much confidence, but my Motherly small country mind is scared shitless!  

So after my sweet dreams of Necker Island tonight, I'm going to get up, 4 am and reset my goal clock, im going to commit to a premise within in my means but keep the amazing premise option open whilst the management of the prestigious development takes me through now a 2 month period, then, if I get an offer Im going to make that happen to..its a opportunity that cannot be missed! I know for the sake of #honeybunch brand, I need to strike whilst the iron is hot..get the doors open in HK and do what I do well...create an amazing culture and brand that people,want to be part of.... Ok ...easy off to Necker Necker land ...sweet dreams #buildabiz

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June 07, 2015

Richard, Tim, Shopify..lets talk .....

Ok, guys ... I've done the sell...... But 'wait ..there's more' ...

Now we are in the due dillegence phase, I thought it might be a perfect opportunity to launch my presentation to you on why I should be on Necker Island, cocktail in hand, after a day on the ocean, exploring, looking great, sun kissed, great hair (coming from down under, us surfy types have this hair issue) .... Happy, and soaking in the success and embellishing the journey with my funny wits....(and great tits) ..sorry..right ... Back to Necker, #buildabiz and why me....

1.  I will be the perfect example of a middle aged chick who thinks she 21, with 3 kids,  saying ...'hey, time to make it happen... And guess what you don't need to employ people to take the first step ..get them later when you can afford don't need a massive outlay of cash ...a flashy just need a dream ..and shopify..and get to it! The kids have left school ....its your turn...isn't there something you always wanted to do? With shopify you can do this... It will give you a worldwide platform with Buggar all outlay and I can tell my story to you to help ..I'm no techno, no code writer ..the only code I write is, what's my challenge today, and how can it be fun and successful come on... 'Lets do this'! 'Lets do it with shopify' #buildabiz 

2. I live in New Zealand know that little country down under from big Australia..and no we don't speak South African! I could be the down under thunder .... What a great thing for shopify to have brand exposure in our part of the world...the islands  (I could go there on promo trips, they do have Internet you know lol) ..I could set up a shopify expert in places like ...ummmmmm... Fiji, Bora Bora, Rarotonga, Samoa, I would only stay in 4 star hotels to save shopify money, of course!

3. I started an online store, then made a little shit hole of a space into a retail only $29 per day! I employ a full time staff member who works I said hard, see a vision, and enjoy that the shopify platform is a worldwide gig maybe online, but people can sense your passion and just need to go for it and plot your goal and enjoy the adventure... I'm living proof!

4. I've sold a truck load of soap the worlds smelling sweeter...and Ive also donated along the way to seashepherd..I've learnt heaps I can pass on... Like free shipping isn't so great when you live in New Zealand and people order in far away places like USA and Hong Kong ....I've learnt that social media is addictive, and can also be hurtful, and I've learnt that culture in business is priceless ..without a good culture ..its shit!

5. I've hard a bit of experience in small business, some failures, but I've never give up! If it happens to someone, it's normally me..but actually I can tell people that it's ok... You can do it ones going to knock you for giving it your best, and this year the only I realised the only reason so much happens to me is because I have my heart on my sleeve and I'm putting myself out there to make my #honeybunch brand successful... I can be the Mother Hubbard for shopify ...time for Mother Hubbard to get out of the cupboard ... 

6. I am an entrepreneur who loves to travel ...look what I've done in 8 months because of my success in the shopify #buildabiz competition ...I've been to Hawaii for 10 days ..still generating sales...I travelled to Utah to hand deliver a gift pack to #natestate, where I got some great pics! Was removed from stage at a Utah club dual piano gig, purchased a bath bomb machine in Seattle, ate ice cream in San Fran whilst stalking Tim Ferris and been to Hong Kong and actually as I write I'm sitting in Hong Kong for the 2nd time this year...and guess why ...cause I am opening a Honeybunch in HK this year! WTF..that's crazy cool shit.... Why, and how did I do thing I made a goal to Win the #buildabiz competition I'm having my 2nd shopify website made and guess what, I can pay someone to do it..why ...cause I've built an awesome ...small at this stage ...but awesome business...

7. I've meet the the most wonderful people on Twitter ..I've self trained myself on Twitter, you tube and Pinterest ... Not so good at all of them yet, and Twitter isn't so big in New Zealand. I have met and formed the most amazing friendships, and together we have created #worldsisters ... In fact I have purchased and I hope that I can convince this most AMAZING group of woman to use this domain name for the next #buildabiz comp we can all come to Necker! This part has been the most rewarding for me out of everything!

8. I made a a shark tank shaving soap for Daymond John ...since he's so smooth and we share the same birthday!

9.  Honeybunch now employs 4 staff and me Hong Kong ..we will employ another 4 ... I scared shitless about Hong Kong... But this is part of the future story I can tell for shopify and woman everywhere who want to give it a go...

10. I'm the real deal...I've worked super duper hard ...I'm loyal, passionate, funny and committed to have the best fun in business and life ... My name is Lisa Jolly and I am 8000 percent (thinking 8 being lucky in China) proudly #honeybunch ........ Now I'm going to retweet this about 8888 times...thanks a bunch #honeybunch #buildabiz #richardbranson #timeferris #daymondjohn #shopify

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June 06, 2015

On cloud 888 ...

I'm in bed's 10 am HK time ..had breakfast and I'm actually forcing myself to take a break .. HK is awesome it sleeps in ..nothing opening very early at all, and stays up late and as the day progresses, through the heat, the city ..the humidity ..the night brings a 2nd life and an awesome positive energy ... So I'm attempting to sleep/relax in so I can enjoy a cocktail tonight at happy hour and go meet some cool people .. People who I can tell all about my journey, being a finalist in the #buildabiz comp and plant a wee buzz about #honeybunch Hong Kong! 

I'm so excited after seeing others posting re #buildabiz about 10 minutes prior to the HK business presentstion heart sank..thinking I had missed out.. I actually was near tears about 5 mins before going in to present .. But I said to myself ..,ok Lisa can do this ... Failure is just the beginning of something cool..anyway ..I did my power point and rocked it ... Came back ..still Im disbelief and pending depression....I thought I hadn't made the finalists did an email search and whoop whoop...the email came up! It had been sitting somewhere across the ocean between NZ and HK....about 16 hours before! Talk about 4 seasons of emotion and weather all in one day! 


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June 04, 2015

Way past my bedtime ...

I'm at the airport ..people watching..destroying my efforts at Pilates by eating waffles and trying to keep awake!

Im digging my new do, and feeling quietly confident about my trip ..a tad brokeish when I think of all the money Im spending on the project ..but still confident. ... Our back is against the wall. And we all know it ...but we also know that we do our best work when we are in this position ..creating something cool from nothing that gives me some comfort.  Effectively my entire bank funding will be going to the rent to secure a premise ...eeekkkk.

Im hanging out for the #buildabiz results ... Hoping that this won't be the only trip to an airport for a bit ..a tropical island, some fun and some endorsement from winning would go miles right now! In saying that, things are really going our way ...who knew we could pull a power point presentation out of our arse.... Make packaging and get samples from china a mould ..and make sales ....we are pretty damn proud...maybe some time to remember that would be good...

Anyway ...a waffle awaits ...

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May 31, 2015

Chicken soup ....

They say chicken soup for the soul ..but I'm actually thinking that's crap my soul is feeling empty and being home all day with homemade chicken soup is not rocking my world! Don't get me wrong ..the soup is super yummy ... But being at home, sort of being domestic completely sucks...thank god for Hong Kong next week..

I also feel like I'm in some sort or mourning is the last day of the #buildabiz competition and I'm not that happy about it! Why ... I guess over the past 8 months the contest has restored my confidence in myself, and I've also made a lot of new International friends #worldsisters ...I know they are both not going to leave in a hurry ..but there's a sad sense of bye bye #buildabiz and that being a housewife I'm thinking ..don't get me wrong ..I'm jealous of housewives ... Probably because no matter how Hard I would try to be one ...I would fail miserably ... 

I guess failing miserably is in the back of mind I have had time to look at all the super cool shopify websites and other peeps I think are in the contest ..I'm sensing a kayak situation actually ...damn the day off....damn the chicken soup...! Moving to chocolate now .... 

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May 24, 2015

Lights ..action ...

I'm not sure why, but im feeling so super energetic .. I love the home straight of any race, or finishing any project and getting onto the new ... I guess the combination of being the last week of the #buildabiz comp ... Finishing a mass of product production, and heading into June, which is just full of Honeybunch Hong Kong ...I can't help but feel excited!

I've also decided that in June Im going to be healthy, fit and get my bikini body ready for Necker Island.. So that's another challenge all in its self ..especially how me and my small amazing crew all share the love of red wine, cheese and chocolate !!!

I'm also excited about Thursday, when Shazdonnay, Julz, Sharona, Crystal and Juniper have decided to produce the new latest Hollywood block buster as they launch Shazdonnay off on her Kayak to Necker Island ...LOL ... Good times!   

It's so true ....the success is so nothing without an exciting fun journey ... Besides ...we need to continue to create and re tell fab funny stories for our wine, chocolate , cheese binges ..right ! 



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May 17, 2015

See you soon baby girl ...

This is more of a blog so I can read back and see the day the day my baby girl flew off and left the nest ...

i don't know why I feel so emotional right now, but it was like watching a 19 year old version of myself leave the country in 1990 on a similar style adventure ...and like me ...I know my princess has the same inner drive that means I probably won't have her back home .... Not for awhile ...that's for sure ..and that's scary,sad and as a Mum emotionally hard..

On one hand I'm super excited for this journey started an inner adventure in me that has never ceased ...on the other hand , the protective Mum is worried and scared as the worlds a lot different now ...

Anyway, now I have another excuse to travel ...going to go to work and crank some more sales and I try and win this #buildabiz comp I figure a win will mean I can stop off to visit my baby girl on the way there! 

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May 14, 2015

It's a pallet, its a shop ....oh well it will be cool ...

Wow, it's actually amazing to be sitting in my office ... Odd , and a little strange as I look at my email box 5328 emails ...ekkkkk! I wish I knew how to delete them all at once .... Still not that savy!

I'm practicing being a remote controller, a tricky thing to do when you want people to just run with it and trust their inner them..and they have only just started ....also a tricky thing to let go of your baby ....actually it's like a baby ..#honeybunch born eight months ago (thanks #buildabiz)  and just starting to crawl ...shuffle and hopefully soon toddle off into a bigger world ..... I have hand picked  the Honeybunch team, so I'm a true believer that you attract like minded people and I get great pleasure from seeing them grow confidently in the business.  I'm hoping that me stepping away form the everyday grind of the business may have a #timferriss effect and I'll actually be able to really enjoy the next part of the Hong Kong Journey, knowing that my NZ team are rocking it! 

I drove to Dads this avo to check up of his fitting progress, he's building it straight from my head to his garage to Hong Kong ....and today I tried to display how the pallet was actually a beautiful shelf, a light fitting and counter occurred to me, that it didn't really matter as all of the passion and care that everyone in my life is putting into this journey would make the pallet look god damn beautiful!  Win or loose ...I think if anything, I have at least inspired a few people to be a little more outgoing, ...a little more spontaneous and as Julz said to me the other day ...'you make people feel it's ok to be a little crazy' for me that's a win (but I would still prefer to be a 'little' crazy on Necker #richardbranson ! 

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May 02, 2015

Names fun and games ...

I'm so absolutely knakered, but feeling completely nutty!   It seems that with exhaustion your mind and body can either take the option of doing two things.... Crawling into a warm cosy bed or pushing through it and experiencing 2nd, 3 rd and 4 th lives! ....and that's what mine has opted for ..along with a filter system of the mouth being lost somewhere around the 2 nd life!

its such a sense of relief to see the orders coming off the screen, and to the customer ..the other thing I hadn't really considered in my selling frenzy and courier comoanies don't really change their schedule for you next onslaught I'll think I'll work backwards from their schedule !

Anyway, the Kaos has brought my new team together real quick! So wonderful to see such a small amount of people churn out so much work, and the best thing, we have all had the time of our life ...indulging over fast food fatty take outs ...a few wines...renaming each other (in fact calling someone now by their real name almost stops everyone in their tracks) !   So the ride has been wickedly cool!

As for the #buildabiz comp, feeling so excited and nervous for it to end.  I have honestly been consumed with winning this since 1 st October, my team of now 5, from originally just me all know and have been told that if 'Shazdannay' doesn't win that she will be unavailable for contact as she sets sail on her trusty Kayak ... (It was a public annoucement made at around 8pm Thursday NIGHT after 3 rd filter came off)... To my joy the team has decided to throw a launch party off the boat pier and smash a bottle of bubbles after we consume it) on my golden kayak at the KawaKawa bay boat ramp...then I will row out to Florida where I will be picking up the #steelcowgirl ...who will join me at on ship (I'm sure the extra set of paddles will be much appreciated at this time) to paddle to Necker as she needs to meet Daymond John (aka shark tank guru).... So I guess .,.the moral of the story is ....I'm going to Necker .... YES .. !!! Have some cocktails ready for us #richardbranson .... Get your zip line ready #timferris ...  Put your nice birthday suit ...oh sorry bathing suit on #daymondjohn as this #honeybunch is coming to you ...


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April 26, 2015

MR, MR and I .....

I really thought I would write early about my Friday ...but with orders coming in left, right and centre, my feet are barely touching the ground! 

Anyway, on Friday, a week after my boobologist appointment, I was sent to have an MRI...that's my first I LOL.... I never get sick or anything...infact the last time I went to the doctor was in 1998... So I have spent a good week feeling a little weird about the whole thing..  Actually so happy I've been so busy helped take my mind off it.

The MRI lady was so wonderful, she made me feel so calm, as I was thrown a little as when I got there I had to have a die injection...all I can say in summary, it was probably the most vulnerable I have ever felt... The MRI machine was so scary but amazing, so I lay there, trying to keep composed thinking about how amazing people must be to create this, how my life was playing out and how so many people would have been in the same position as me's certainly a moment I will remember for along time a moment in time...anyway, after 1hr of noise and scanning and contemplation I left the clinic feeling very sorry for my self...

That was until ......

On driving back to work ... I was sitting behind a big double trailer truck was going pretty slow, and then in an flash of a second I had a late model silver car flying towards me had been in front of the truck , the truck had obviously cliped it from behind and it was now flying towards me a great speed after being thrown into a complete 360 spin .. Only to end up under the truck.... I stopped the car, put on my hazard lights and jumped out, the whole way telling myself that I needed to help, but I was going to see a squashed person under the truck..I got to the car, and low and behold, a middle age guy was sitting there, completely unharmed..I had my cell, already connecting to 111, I was speaking to the man, and by then a lot of others had run to help, the emergency operator asked for the patients name .... He replied, Steve ....what's the patients last name they requested .... So I sked Steve... What's your last name mate ? Skidwell ...I mean had to laugh , as the skids to the underneath of the truck were done very well!  This is the story that would only ever happen to me!

Any way, the best part of the story was I sat on the side of the road with Mr Skidwell , and we chatted , I offered support to him whilst he awaited some support to arrive ...and through a random feeling of vunrabilty from us both ,I'm told MR Skidwell about my MRI and everything seemed to be ok .... So thanks Mr Skidwell ...I may have helped you, but you helped me too! 

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April 21, 2015

Aggressive nature not needed thanks....

Today has been one of those days full of highs and lows appears to be the nature of the beast as you grow and engage more people in your business life.. The highs have definitely come from new staff, old staff and me realising that we are really doing so well in cranking out stock and a quality product..and it appears the majority of people appreciate it... 

The definate lows are having people taking piece of string and running with it ...I'm thinking that some people must be super unhappy to phone up so aggressive from the onset ...not only aggressive but pretty nasty.

 The next thing people who purchase online just don't read ..they only see what they want to see matter how, where and when you place information, they only see the FREE and the deals with no comprehension of what they are agreeing to...only to have it chucked back at you ... Hmmmmm, it's these people who put you off online retailing and ruin the next deal for the next ... It's really a massive learning curb..

Anyway , not going to let a few grumps get me down .. Chin up butter cup...besides just bought my new Hong Kong website domain least if I get grumpy Chinese people, I won't be able to understand them!

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April 19, 2015

The list....

OMG ...can't wait to tell you about my new favourite thing ...!  A clip board dated from about 1970 I believe , a pen and a piece of paper! Amazing's been so nuts lately with Honeybunch trying to reduce orders whilst things pile up ..not only the orders , but all the crucial shit flying around my brain ..normally around midnight to 4 am .......BUT...I've fixed it...thanks #timferriss , I may be better at the 4 hour sleep at the mo ...compared to the 4 hour week..but your bloody list works mate!

I feel so much better getting it all out of my head and on to paper ...and crossing it off ...even more rewarding ... Now to make my packing list for Necker.

1. Kayak

2. Steel cowgirl

3. Chocolate treats and vino for journey 

4. Shark repellant ....


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April 16, 2015

Boobologist ...

I don't know who warped this sounds .,but I went for a quick health check today ..I actually haven't been to the doctor since 1998!  I had to actually go to the local dairy to buy a comb to try and brush my hair, as it has been in some sort of weird soap knot for around a week, and I didnt want the doctor to think I was actually homeless!

I never get sick but a nagging inner me told me I should go, as ironic as my life plays out ..I would just finally crack it in my business, only to be struck down by some illness...that would so suck!  The next worse warped thing..if that's such a phrase, is that I think I only went so someone could actually tell me I was OK, and then the next worse thing was I nearly drifted off to sleep whilst the booboligist scanned my boob.

The amount of work and pressure I have out my self under is insane I'm using every inch of my being to launch Honeybunch into Hong Kong , and win the #Buildabiz completion.  I will actually cry for many months if I don't ...I think that's hormones and working from 3 am every morning till 9 at night ...very poor me right now!

I also had the first team meeting today for Honeybunch ... 4 of us...(mum included) and I so can't wait until Monday when a my new florist aka do everything possible help me out keep me sane chick starts ..... Ok ...bed now to rest my's been a big day! 

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April 09, 2015

Positive ...negative ....

Ok .,.a short bleat ... I always believe that when things are going great that there will and almost has to be a negative to keep you grounded... A something that says ..someone's going to find you not so cool ...get back down to earth now 40 something woman ...and sure enough I awoke to that this morning ...crucial probably for me and most at this early stage of business and #BuildaBiz comp.

Any way, what have I learnt this week ..1. Most People who buy shit online don't read the posts completely ...they only read what they want ... I just dont get that?  2.  A fine few once they purchased stuff they make their own rules up in their head, receive the goods within the terms of buying and then make it a point to write a long message about it ..using the own rules they have made up in their heads.. 3. Some people are clearly unhappy people and decide because you have a social media presence they will attempt you to make feel shit too ... 4..some people use the term 'when I was a child ,... Well news flash people ..your not a child anymore ...more than likely your parents or grandma purchased stuff for you .. Time to at least step into the 90s right ... You are old now!  

OK better now ...grounded ...happy ..shiny as Middle kid has stolen my foundation again shinny happy person for staff walk (aka walking dogs ).....

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March 30, 2015

The quite before the storm .....

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day ...everything tastes better... And part of travelling that I love,  is the grazing on Buffett breakfasts...if you looked at my table I have counted 7 plates and 3 cups ... Sorry Eco dishwashing people ..I love a shiny clean plate for each serving ...

Whilst 'feeding' I'm loading products on the website ...find that boring as hell .. I prefer deleting them when sold that loading them I know you have to spend money to make money ..but when looking at 20 or so handbags I just see filthy Luca tied up in stock!  I also see me with each one of them if they don't sell I always have a plan B ...

Have fleeting visit with HK a invest today to touch base and tell them about my insane plans for Hong Kong ..then home tonight and meeting with bank straight on my return so hopefully I can pass on some of my positive energy glow to them .... Especially with how much money I actually need!!  (Note to oneself buy Banking team cheap gifts from market today) 

Nervous and excited to see how we cope with the work load this April, it will be a great test for us to see if we can handle HK production 24/7 ish ...about to turn on my sell switch 1 st April and it ain't no joke...I have a massive target ...but hey ....I can do this ...I'm sure I can ... Ok ...I'll try really really really hard! 

Besides any doubt is normally quashed with a visual of me in my bikini nestled Necker, cocktail in hand ... Richard Branson, Daymond and Tim all fighting over who wants to invest .....ahhhhh .....ok better stop feeding ..bikini not looking so Good! #BuildaBiz

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March 27, 2015

No #arnoldpod ...what to do .....

I feel semi wicked at the moment ...possibly the fact that I'm having a giggle as my darling Julz runs around making flowers for me for all of the orders we have been getting ...only because I'm  blind as a bat ...especially when I'm tired and misread my flight ..thought I was leaving at 2 pm ..happened to be 8 am....and happened to discovery his minor insight at around 7 pm last night :/ oooopppps ! Love you Julz!

I had forgotten how labour intensive being a florist is ...and with online ordering .,everything is instant, last minute along with very long messages these days use to be a phone call ...a wee message cause everyone was embarrassed and the day before sort of stuff...oh no....not now coming in  to work and going from 5 flower orders to 40 in the matter of one hour with the courier coming in five is rather stressful!  Especially when I'm such a service  orientated nut Job and take such pride in my work and biz !  So today I jumped on a plane ...and Julz picked up the pieces thanks a bunch honeybunch!

Excuse the possible typos #wendywings ...I always think of you now when I tap my blog ...but a delayed flight means a glass of red means a dreamy head :) 

Im still reading the 4 hour work week #timferriss .... And it's not that great, as everytime I read my 4 pages ...I want to phone people and tell them this bloody book ... ... And feel energetic not recommended for plane reading! #cantsleep

Im going to splash out in some fake gucci reading glasses in China .... I don't like looking like a grandma ...someone should bring out some sort of cool like ...not tacky crap ! But affordable enough to sit on when you can't see !

One more thing ...cheers of delight by the team as we have finally conned a new florist to jump on our crazy journey!!! I can't say actually what Julz said when I told her the news.... Something like Holly f..k shaz..thank god shaz ...bloody h.ll when does she start!  #Buildabiz good times :) 

Welcome newby florist .... Work hard hard ...


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March 24, 2015

Dogs ....blogs.... And runs ...,

The dogs think I'm nuts along with everyone else I'm sure ..but I'm actually starting to feel my nutty self again ...which is fabulous ...! It was even more exciting when my Nike run app told me I was a good girl for doing a run three days in a row!  I've been trying everything to kick this bug ...Panadol every four hours ...neighbour who told me that happens to be climbing Mt Everest this month had to try ...water galore ...chocolate to sweeten the water ..and healthy eating ...along with midday naps and running ...actually dancing each night to sweat it out!...and yes... Success ....I'm starting to feel like me!

The other great thing is that Julz appears to be 'taken' the reigns and building her confidence ...a new staff member today, so Honeybunch is officially starting to buzz....

I also just realised that my target for April is actually the entire Honeybunch sales to date...from 1 st October ... But I believe I can do this ....people have already started asking about Mother's Day ...and as hard is it is to hold off my hardcore marketing until 1 st April ...I'm feeling quietly confident that once the switch is turned on, then we will be really in reach of the mark ... Exciting ...all thanks to the Bloody #BuildaBiz competition!  It will be great practice for Hong Kong! 

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March 22, 2015

bring it ...

Amazing when you start to feel better!! It's like liberating ..and for me's like an extra boost of energy!

I've been reigniting my fire to win this #BuildaBiz competition, and plotting away the best way to hit massive sales in the next two months I can kick some of these fabulous looking competitors to the curb...I mean, I'm not walking away with a certificate of merit here ...I'm in it to win it ...and also I'm in it to take Honeybunch to the world!

I want to be the person who has started with nothing ...built it myself and sold the most.... It would be the best prize ever to tell others that they can actually do it too...a bit of hard work and application ...but it's possibly for anyone if they decide to make it happen...that's for sure!

I've spent hours over the past week whilst focusing on getting better researching lush, Hong Kong and handy hints on everything online, websites etc .... So in fact the break has been awesome for learning and gathering my thoughts and directon.

Anyway ...1 st April ...maybe April fools day ...but I'm not kidding when im going to sale more than anyone else in the competition in the world !!! this space .... 

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March 21, 2015

Getting back to me......

the sun is shining ...I'm at home, been to work this morning and I'm actually really having to put some energy into getting healthy and well again. ...which sucks!  I'm never sick fact haven't been to the doctor for 10 years now, something I'm quite proud of ..I just simply haven't got time for being unwell or even entertaining the notion of it ...however, it appears that a higher power has decided to punch me in the snout so I take a forced rest! I'm juggling my day with work ..4 am start orders ..sleep...puppy walks ...sun sit ...sleep ..lots,of fruit and vegetables and more sleep ...and actually like any good business plan it seems to be working.

Ive advertised for more help/staff and thank goodness that this week appears to be looking more promising,  as last weeks interviews ended up more like counciling sessions, paired with no shows and leaving me feeling super frustrated on why people couldn't see or understand what I was looking for..I'm looking for someone who can naturally see the big picture..I want to see a twinkle in their eye and the attitude of yeah ...lets do this !  I so need these type of people around me especially when I'm about to borrow close to half a mil to open my Hong Kong store ...some in house Luv and support is super crucial to me right now.

Anyway, my massive month to win this comp is coming ....April need to be 100 percent fighting fit for this ...along with the launch of my shark tank shaving soap Its all go for this Honeybunch ...#buildabiz I have indeed done I have had big time ...burnout ..nearly but I'm to good for that ... So Necker here I come ...start diet tomorrow! 

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March 16, 2015

Flat line ....

Travelling is great ...but coming back to reality ...not so much ...especially when you have spent a massive amount of your time to empowering people to lift the game , the best ..and becomes he best ...and basically they do literally nothing because the cats been away ...

I feel more sad and used right now actually ..rather than empowered to grow...  I actually have to say this must be a bump in the road ...but almost a speed bump that not only slows you down, but knocks your teeth out with a full face plant.

Im sure the sun will shine tomorrow and I will feel better with some sleep ... But as doors open do my eyes ... Apparently I'm just cool when I pay for everything ...tell people they're amazing and pick up all the pieces .... :(  I just don't get how people can take something from someone but be so unkind and not give back ...even just a little ... 

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March 11, 2015

Two flights ...two reds and to much on my mind ....

Funny ...I don't think pissed or tipsy in Seattle is the greatest movie title.....but for some reason, sleepless in Seattle is absolutely me, and the way I'm feeling right now, I could dance all night.... Sleep is the least on my mind ...  Part of it is a complete high from doing the best gift pack drop ever, spending time with a wonderful friend...and the other part is two large glasses of red... After no food and two flights ....go figure!  Still in mourning for no #timferriss dinner!

Anyway, lovely poor Ben at the bar just heard my entire business life, along with ., ...'yeah...I'll take your business card and give it to Richard Branson on Necker Island' ...oh dear....Ok ....just saying .... I'll give it my best shot .... 

ok ...yay ...sleep looking more promising and order bingaphon ...I love you Seattle !

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March 10, 2015

#BuildaBiz so much fun ....why ...WTF .....

I just read a shopify post saying that Richard Branson was choosing a well deserving person to pop along to Necker ...I'm not going to lie....I already knew that, as I have become entrenched in winning this god damn amazing competition right from the word go!

Ive told everyone who will even listen for a possible millisecond that I'm in it to win it ...and I guess, as I sit in an airport hotel in Utah of all places, I thought it might be a nice start to write a blog about me and why and how the #Buildabiz comp has helped me make amazing discoveries and give me a well needed boost to get back on the horse so to speak...also to tell you how I ended up in Utah of all places! 

Me, well middle aged but cute... Actually I feel super young at heart ...alway have done...a Mum, 3 kids of all which have finished school and now grinding away at their chosen careers.... For me ,..the school finishing thing was the starting gun for myself to go get the world and create a world brand ....I've done my dependant Mother Gig ..and now it's about me, ticking off the boxes and really showing myself and others that is you really want to make something happen you can... And more so it can be absolute fun!   

Meet me, Lisa Jolly ...also known as Honeybunch!  Funnily enough most just know me as Honeybunch as I just realised whilst travelling to Utah... (A whole other story)  Honeybunch is my world brand that is going to be fun, fabulous, creative , clean (being soap and stuff) handmade, wild, not in the box, but full of manuka honey a fab famous honey only available in's not going to smell like honey ...but it will certainly have the goodness of manuka honey inside whilst you can enjoy the fabulous scents and flavours that I create!  So effectively Honeybunch is me dressed up in a soap!  

Anyway, aholic ..treat my creations like a sport ...fabulous at creating wicked stuff, never had the money to get it off the ground to full capacity ...also hard to find people in new zealand who actually believe it's possible to make things happen without fitting into a certain click ...networking in a certain way and over planning the fuck out of things once then plan is a plan, the idea lost and someone else in the world has already done it!  Not for me ....

Dont get me wrong, I'm in Utah sitting quietly number crunching and planning growth for my Honeybunch Hong Kong shop ...and then ....yes then...the USA....

Yup, I'm in Utah dropping after successfully off a #honeybunch gift pack that I managed to hustle #natestate into buying...a very nice cool guy who took a leap of faith and ordered of me in little old NZ.... Part of my hustle to sell him the pack was to tell him I would deliver it personally.... He purchased and I delivered straight to his kick arse mansion door!  I even got an invite in, so that was cool!  Why did I do it you may ask? ...because I want #honeybunch to be needs to be to be international as international does not turn up at your door! Second reason ....I love people and travel ....and animals ....after travelling my mind of full of fabulous ideas, resourcefulness and joy...and happy Honeybunch make fabulous #honeybunch products! So it's win win, cause I believe a great product with great energy equals success..even if it's not dollars straight away ...they will come eventually, however, I may spend them in the process!

Only bummer on this trip is no #timferriss meeting ...but hey .... A little more work, and it will happen on Necker ...trapped on an island with me.... :/ 

Then I have to say ....if I hadn't entered the #buildabiz comp then I wouldn't be here...I wouldn't have had the money to jump on the plane ...and I wouldn't have got the business to a level where I  can run remotely for periods of time for 6 months I'm absolutely stocked with my progress!  

I've also managed to get funding from my bank to open my Hong kong store in October...why because I have bought them on board the #Buildabiz story ..and now they hare filming a TV add and documentary following my journey and obviously using my 'I'm going to make it happen' attitude to help the 'bank' look more user friendly.

People keep saying did that happen ...well...actually honestly, I entered the #BuildaBiz comp, built my own website myself through #shopify and made it happen....I just don't think many people try hard to do it ...and expect it to come to them ...but hand on heart's easy, fun and adventurous ...everything I want in a business!  I don't actually like my website much at all ..I did my best with no computer skills....but it works ...I'm selling heaps and I made it ...and more so, in June after the #Buildabiz comp is complete I have a company lined up to revamp it, make it bi lingual and also build a completely new shopify website for the Hong Kong Market ...I've choosen the theme myself and I'm going to teach myself to take amazing photos for the new website..something I love...and the best thing ....the business will have enough money to pay for it ...all from making it happen in October 2014!

I'm feeling like a winner already ...Necker will be the icing on the cake....a week with me and 5 invites later ...I'm thinking I'll have a fab group of celebs at my #honeybunch Hong Kong shop opening!

 Thanks #shopify, #RichardBranson and #Buildabiz for an awesome 'go get them' competition! 

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