1 hit wonder

⏰Ready set go, snap up a one hit wonder!



1. ✈️we jump on a plane once a month!


🛒2. Whilst shopping for our #worldwidebuzz subscription boxes 📦 and visiting our export customers in crazy cool places, armed with our cell phones and plastic fantastic we will snap a pic, post it on our facebook and insta and give you 12 hours to buy or not buy.


🧚🏼‍♀️3. If you buy, we will go grab it, stash it in our 💼 s and zoom back ✈️ to post 📬 to you!


The ⏰ time frame of 12 hours will be strictly and then the item will be removed from our website as we have stuff to do and planes ✈️ to catch! #1hitwonder 

👯‍♀️We will be asking you to help us shop and show us your style via questions on our social media stories, love and hate and so on.. come with us virtually and shop through us .... oh and be slightly crazy! 😜