The early bird catches the worm midwinter Christmas grab

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Mid winter Christmas 🎄 corporate .. client ... stash it Honeybunch gift box 📦 

🎄 We have 1000 of these boxes 📦 being produced for to satisfy every Christmas indulgent gift.  

🎄the great thing is that these are a case of the early bird 🦅 catching the worm 🐛 with savings ... so here’s the buzz.

🐝 We have 


1 box $1.00 SOLD OUT 

10 boxes released at $9.99!!!!! SOLD OUT 

50 boxes released at $19.99!!! SOLD OUT 

100 boxes released at $29.99!!! SOLD OUT 

340 boxes released at $39.99!!!

100 boxes released at $49.99!!!

400 boxes released at full price $99.00.

🐝 ALL BOXES DELIVERED the first week of November 2019 📦 NOT earlier, so purchasing these means you accept this condition.

🐝 each box includes 

🎄5 x Honeybunch natural handmade soaps weighing between 90 and 150 grams.

🎄4 x Honeybunch vegetable soaps

🎄1 x Honeybunch trail mix Box 

🎄1 x bath and body works Christmas themed beautiful candle

🎄1 x bath and body works Christmas themed hand wash 

🎄presented in a Honeybunch branded beautiful themed Christmas box 📦 and garnished with love 💕 



Collections: 1 HIT Wonders, Pamper hampers

Type: Unknown Type


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