Floral wedding packages

The floral team at Honeybunch believe that planning your wedding is part of the fun, so we have decided to offer some fixed price floral wedding packages so you can be sure of your expenses, and visually comfortable with your theme and floral selelection.  Every wedding is so personal, so after you purchase your package we will contact you to arrange a personal consultation, where we will delve into the finer points, like colours, binding fabrics to the very fine details such as sparkles or pearls etc.  All wedding prices includes free delivery to one address on the morning of your special day, for larger packages that include table arrangements, we will also set venue ready to go. All arrangements are made with complete love and passion and we pride ourselves on our commitment to making your special day absolutely beautiful. Please note wedding packages must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance before your event date. Our service is limited to the Auckland area only.