Relax Lavender Vintage Goats Milk Manuka Honey Soap

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The perfect bed time buddy for you to relax and unwind. This Each piece of handmade soap is an original piece of art. This soap moisturises, replenishes and relaxes your skin and mind leaving you soft,smelling and feeling great. Garnished with New Zealand dried lavender flowers.

Lavender promotes sleep and relaxation and is good for stress relief, goats milk is wonderful for sensitive skin, and manuka honey is great to reduce bacteria. Proudly handmade in New Zealand.

Aromatherapy properties, anti bacterial, gentle on skin, skin toner, relaxing, sedative, relaxing.

Ingredients . Lavender oil, NZ Manuka Honey, goats milk cocoa butter, coconut oil, cane sugar, Aqua, ethyl alcohol, castor oil, steric, soda lye, mono propylene glycol, vitamin E, colour, essential oils.

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