Bee 🐝 kind buzz bundle


BEE 🐝 Kind buzz bundle 

🍯 1 x Manuka honey artisan soap 

🍯 1 x Manuka honey Nelson pear Whitaker’s chocolate 🍫 bar.. YUM!

🍯 1 x box of Epsom salt trail mix, infused with lavender and lotus oil.. great for a soak or room freshener 

🍯 1 x stripe the bumble bee 🐝 holder to keep those hands safe and clean. 

🍯 1 x honeybunch Manuka honey ocean  lip balm 

🍯 1 x  lavender Manuka honey color free, fragrance free bath bomb 

🍯 1 x affirmation self love card

🍯 1 x cute positivity mini book full of affirmations and inspiring happy quotes 

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