Don’t Worry Bee 🐝 Happy BUZZ Bundle

$69.99 $89.99

Don’t worry BEE 🐝 happy! Send a box of happiness!

This buzz bundle is the just the buzz to bee healthy with the immunity of Manuka honey, and inspire your mind, spreading a message of Happiness, smiles, laughter and self love!

Indulge your self or send to a friend!

In this buzz bundle you will receive:

🍯 1 x Manuka honey Cute lollipop  

🍯 1 x Box of Manuka honey rock candy 🍭 

🍯 3  x Honeybunch artisan soap (Manuka honey, raspberry and lemongrass.

🍯 1 x Honeybunch trio of color free fragrance free honey comb bath bombs with essential oil.

🍯 1 x Selection of 24 positivity affirmation cards with adorable quotes and sayings, with a sodden stand for a desk or table. 

🍯 3 x Fun affirmation card to make you smile

🍯 1 x Tiny box message ... super cute! 

🐝 1 x Save the bees poster, so we can help the bees stay happy too! 

📦 Packed with happiness and love and every box sold donates to an amazing cause at checkout.