Hive 🐝 Five Manuka Honey 🍯 Yummy Grab PLUS FREE Limited Edition Chocolate 🍫

$49.99 $89.99

Give your self the HIVE five delicious Manuka honey buzz bundle! 

Pay only $49.99 and receive 5 certified delicious Manuka honey well-being edibles! 

📦 You will receive 

🍯 1 x BIG Jar of Manuka honey produced and certified in New Zealand 500 grams.

🍬 1 x box of Manuka honey rock candies 

🥝 1 x box kiwifruit Manuka vitamin C MGO 500 lozenges 

🍯 1 x jar of Honeybunch Manuka honey organic  mustard 115 grams.

🍫 1 x Big bar of Whitakers Manuka honey Nelson pear 🍐 chocolate

🍭 oh and a Manuka honey lollipop … so that’s 6 edibles!

dressed naturally in a Honeybunch branded box with 3 yummy Manuka honey recipe cards so you can get cooking and enjoy the delish adventures of Manuka honey 🍯! FREE shipping on all orders $60 and over. 
Garnished with positive affirmation cards and bookmark.

⏰ BEE 🐝 QUICK as these will sell out quick! 

🎤 5 percent of every box sold donates to our official non profit partners