🐒 monkey 🐝zness lavender and Manuka honey handmade soap


This soap is packed with love, goodness and purpose.

Handcrafted in small batches and infused with Manuka honey this square block weight approximately 250 grams, will not only nourish and sooth your skin, it will feed your soul with the knowing that you are contributing to a palm free movement to educate and assist in rehabilitation for the wild life effected by illegal and non sustainable and destructive palm farming.    

This block of soap is wrapped with honeycomb, recycled paper and twine, and includes a monkey 🐒 affirmation card to inspire us all to care for these 🐝eautiful animals and to care for our planet.

$1 from each block of soap sold will be donated directly to the 🦧  Orangutan Foundation International Directly via our pledging app installed on our website. 

This soap is fragrance free and color free and is produced in New Zealand in our FDA registered facility.

🍯 Ingredients 

- coconut oil 

- avocado oil 

- sweet almond oil 

- Shea butter 

- bees wax

- Manuka honey 

- lavender essential oil 

- honeycomb

- lavender dried flowers 

- lye