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Mavis a hostie for Air New Zealand for 26 years and me, a platimium traveller who can find a golden grain of rice in Shanghai, or negotiate gangsta talk with Snoop, get invites to Dr Phil screenings and hang with the best are ready to take you for a wild time of fabulousness!

Limit of four people per tour. Full itinerary’s, and adventures.

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3rd February 2018

My Guided Shopping Tour to Hong Kong with Lisa Jolly.
Bustling, Bargains, Beaches, Birds, blooms, beautiful sights, sounds, scenery and structures.
Wow what a shopping tour. In 6 days we went to Brisbane, Hong Kong, China, Macau and back to New Zealand.
The open spaces, cleanliness and efficiency of transport in Hong Kong was unexpected and the colours and contrasts of historic and modern, opulence and poverty, space and crowds, added to the whole experience. Being so close to Chinese New Year the gorgeous red and gold street decorations added a festive feel to the adventure.
Lisa is a fabulous friendly intrepid traveller who knows where to go and how to get there. We had fun bargaining at Shenzhu in China and Ladies and Stanley Street Markets in Hong Kong. Our senses were delighted with the pulchritudinous array of colour at the flower markets. The bustle and haggling added to the fun when you found a bargain at Shenzhu and Ladies’ markets.
We walked, trained, or bused almost everywhere as the public transport system is an amazing labyrinth of efficiency as it carries you from one part of Hong Kong to the other. We also ferried to Macau and went on a boat tour with a local in Hong Kong and zoomed past mansions with Ferraris parked outside in taxis.
Crossing over to China for the day was a unique experience and the importance of keeping your little scrap of paper they give you when you enter Hong Kong became apparent. It all added to the adventure though and in Lisa’s words remember to take your sass and loo paper for the day. Also remember to take a back pack for all your bargains.
Going to the famed Aqua for a cocktail to see the night light show was another highlight as was visiting old Macau with it’s Spanish vibe of mosaic streets and ancient architecture.
The Ovolo hotel in South side was a great base for our stay and the Sofitel in Old Macau a luxurious end to the journey.
If you are planning on going to Hong Kong go with Lisa Jolly who will make sure you see more than many of the people who have lived there for years and you will get the most out of your holiday! Very highly recommended.
A very happy traveller - Wendy Bremner