2 Bee Jolly mid winter Christmas Buzz bundle


‘Tis the season two BEE 🐝 🐝 Jolly !!! 
In this bundle you will receive 

Each box is as pictured and includes 

🕯 2 x Honeycomb pillar candles 

🛁 1 x Manuka honey lavender oil trail mix for a great soak or room freshener 

🌲 1 x Lemongrass oil, tea tree Manuka honey tree of life soap, slide a piece of the stick and keep spruced up and clean!

😘 1 x Manuka Honeybunch lip balm 

🌹 1 x Rose petal geranium Manuka honey color free, fragrance free bath bomb 

🐝 1 X Packet of bee pasture seed mix to plant your own garden and help your local bees 

🐝 1 x Bee poster 

🧼 1 x Raspberry Manuka honey soap, so sweet less the calories

👋 1 x Mini Bee hand cream with a stripe the bumble bee holder

🍭 1 x Honey natural lolly pop 

Garnished with festivity and love for a fun midwinter Christmas!