Liquid soap and soap making for income training

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How it works .

1. Each month you will come and collect ingredients from our Clevedon Auckland work shop with a fixed recipe , a sample and all the ingredients needed.

2. You will produce as many soaps / liquid soaps as possible in your time and we will pay you at the end of each period for each soap completed and returned to us.  Soaps must be of the highest quality and all ingredients will remain the property of Honeybunch.  

3. We will pay you for each soap made and retuned to us.  All ingredients supplied to you will be weighed so we know how many soaps can be produced per batch.  Any unused ingredients must be returned as a requirement of payment being issued.

To be considered as one of our team you must attend a group training course.  Pick a time below.

Training will last 50 minutes 

The cost of the training will be at your expense and is $30. At training you will leave with a recipe and ingredients to produce a specific style of candle which will then need to be returned to us the following week.   Consider this your second job interview.  Once we inspect your work and have a chat to see if you’re wanting to do this or not.

This Facebook group will be the long term communication tool for our team and along with being able to work from home you can also be a part of a bigger journey.  Your prediction and time invested into this will be determined by you and will determine your income.

Any questions post below and we will see how we can answer.

Lock in your day and date and let’s get creating! 

Cheers Lisa 

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