Birds 🦅 , bees 🐝 and koalas 🐨 in trees bundle


The perfect bundle to redefine the meaning of birds and the bees.

This Honeybunch gift box is just the bees 🐝 knees for any hot chick 🐤 ... or wildlife lover! 

Take a sip from your exotic bird mug and snap off some Whitaker’s creamy dreamy manukau honey 🍯 Nelson pear chocolate 🍫 made deliciously in New Zealand.

Slap on a Honeybunch activated charcoal facemask and get down to the 🐝Sniss of pampering.

Wash off the stress of the day with our artisan Manuka honey 3 pack soap selection, blended with coconut oil, essential oils and of course Manuka honey. 

Attach your mini bee 🐝 bumble bee hand sanitizer holder to your favourite bag or keys ... because you know you can #beeyourownsting and create your own cool clean buzz... keeping safe and sanitized where ever you go with the natural goodness of Manuka honey.  

Our gentle Manuka honey chamomile wash paired with our goats milk Manuka honey vegetable soap will soothe your sensitive skin.

Every one of our buzz bundle gift boxes include an affirmation card to remind you to 🐝you,  🐝kind, 🐝cool.

Also purchasing this bundle means you automatically donate $1 to help the 🐨 Australian wildlife rehabilitation after the terrible bush fires.  

 This pack is loaded with natural love and includes 

🐝 1 x Chamomile Manuka honey gentle wash  (perfect for Families and babies) in our natural amber glass bottle 4oz

🐝 1 x Whitaker Nelson pair Manuka honey chocolate 🍫 block.

🐝 1 x palm free goats milk baby soap infused with Manuka honey for added protection 2.65 oz 

🐝 1 x bees knees artisan three pack soap selection.

🐝 1 x bumble bee holder with Manuka honey hand sanitizer, perfect for your stroller or diaper bag. 

🐝 1 x Manuka honey activated charcoal Face mask.

🐝 1 x cool wildlife bird 🦅 mug 

🐝 1 x affirmation card 

Garnished with ever lasting leaves and love, for the special bundle in your life.

All the products are proudly made in New Zealand and Australia in certified organic facilities.