Charity Bundle: Buzzy Bee, Bee Positive 🐝


Spread a bunch of positivity with this bundle of self love, infused with Manuka honey and ‘positiit🐝’ ! 

This buzz bundle is the just the buzz to bee healthy with the immunity of Manuka honey, and inspire your mind, spreading a message of ‘🐝 positive whilst helping raise money for the ‘NICU helping hands foundation’ 

🎤 this cause was chosen by our lovely team member Fina, and this is why Fina chose this non profit.

‘I have chosen to help support the NICU helping hands foundation because not only have I experienced having a premature pregnancy but I didn't realize how common it is! Friends, family, work colleagues.. Its stressful BUT it is something beeautiful!’

What's in it?

Indulge your self or send to a friend!

In this buzz bundle you will receive 

🍯 1 x Plush bumble bee key ring  

🍯 1 x Mini bee hand cream with a stripe the red  bumble bee holder

🍯 1 x 3 pack of Manuka honeycomb color free, fragrance free bath balls, wrapped into honeycomb 

🍯 1 x honeybunch monkey palm free soap 

🍯 1 x you’re the best affirmation card box

🍯 1 x 3 pack of mini coconut oil quest soaps 

🍯 1 x honeybunch lip balm 

🍯 1 x pair of honeycomb taper candles 

🍯 1 x Whitaker’s Manuka honey and Nelson Pear chocolate bar made in New Zealand.

🍯1 x fun 🦔  positive fun affirmation card

🍯 2 x honey lollipops 

🍯 1 x honey coconut oil soap soap 

🍯 1 x lavender Manuka honey sugar scrub

🍯 1 x save the bees poster

🍯 1 x all natural jelly baby candies 

📦 packed with positivity and love and every box sold donates 5 percent to our official non profit partners and 5 percent donated to #nicuhelpinghands non profit.