My Honeybunch DIY candle bag

Here at Honeybunch we are a creative little bunch of working bees who love to create new concepts and bring fun to the table. We are all about working together with our costumers to get cool results ... so allow us to introduce the ‘My Honeybunch DIY Bag’ a new monthly fixture. 
Let’s get busy and creative, share our DIY disasters and wonders together, and experience something exciting!
$88 FREE shipping
This months My HoneyBunch DIY Bag; 
Buy “My HoneyBunch DIY Bag” for all your creative, brain fart moments, the ‘mum, I’m bored’ kids, the rainy days, or the after work stress relief that doesn’t involve killing anyone.
Inside your My HoneyBunch DIY Bag comes;
1kg of soy wax
3 candle containers
2 different types of fragrances
3 x wick
3 x sticker labels
3 x candle container 
1 x pouring jug 
instruction booklets and support
Every purchase includes an invite to the ‘My Honeybunch DIY bag’ Facebook group for full video instruction.
So get your knickers out of a twist and have some fun in your spare time with this funky, monthly deal!

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