Days of our hives buzz bundle


⏳ We we endure the new reality, we have chosen to celebrate the ‘days of our hives’ with a wicked soap box!

Indulge in one product a day or simply binge indulge, with feet 🦶 in socks, monkey around, nibble on chocolate 🍫, and choose to create your own drama, or not have a ‘bar’ of it! 

This buzz bundle includes 

🍫 1 x Manuka honey nelson pear milk chocolate made in New Zealand 

🧦 1 x pair of odd monkey 🐒 socks as we celebrate palm free and celebrate monkeying around 😉 

🌹  1 x Manuka honey rose color free, fragrance free, palm free artisan soap so you can create your own romance.

🐒 1 x Mindful monkeys 🐵 affirmation books so you can read something positive for a change. Less drama ... more monkeys! 

💤 1 x lavender Manuka honey vegetable soap bar to help you sleep off all that chocolate and monkeying around! 

🧼 1 x Manuka honey shampoo bar so you can have the best beehive in town, and wash 🧽 the stress from your shoulders.

🍯 1 x 3 pack artisan assorted soap, for when you can’t make up your mind. 

Just 🐝you and create your own drama ... Netflix not included... 😜