Bunch of buzz bundle


Say Hi 👋 to you ‘Double donate to a mate buzz bundle’!
🐝🐝 double the buzz and twice the kindness... 🐝cause here at the honeybunch hive 🍯 we want to spread our buzz of #🐝kind #🐝cool #🐝you
❤️❤️ so here’s the deal ✅ buy one for you!
🐝 Each buzz bundle includes

🍯 1 x Manuka honey raspberry artisan soap

🍯 1 x palm free monkey 🐝sness artisan soap with affirmation card and wrapped in honeycomb

🍯 1 x pure Honeybunch vegetable soap

🍯 1 x stripe the bumble bee 🐝 holder (colours may vary) 

🍯 1 x honeybunch Manuka honey lip balm

🍯 1 x Manuka honey comb color free, fragrance free bath bomb

🍯 1 x affirmation book mark
Please read our delivery instructions and terms 🚚 🌎! 🐝 order online! 📦📦