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Time for us to start fundraising again with the love and passion we do to get our business to the level above the level! Currently our beautiful honeybunch Macau store, located on the 1st floor of the luxury Galaxy Casino Shopping Mall has the opportunity to relocate on to the ground floor in the main foyer, in the Chrystal area for anyone who knows. How cool is that!!!! Anyway, of course it costs a lot to do this as we have to invest in our new bigger kiosk, lighting and everything else that goes with growing a business.
So to help us and to help you, we think these fundraising soap flowers are blooming honeybunch beautiful! Better than chocolate (well better for you!) So here's the deal!
1. But your guest soap flowers and then on sell them for your charity, club or just because your broke!
2. You can package them in 3s , singles and 5s... and make more money.
3. Write little notes or attach your charity ribbon colours on little combos.

Perfect for Christmas stockings, prezzies cupboards and smelly people!

Grow with us and be proud raising money for your cause whilst highlighting our beautiful country to the world!

These fundraising flowers will be available until 7 th July ...
The date we open in our new bigger location. Hey it's a gamble ... but that's what you get when your shops in a casino!

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