High Bee BOGO Bundle


Enjoy a high tea ... one for you and one for me!

Enjoy this BOGO deal and share with you 🐝FF! 📦 📦!

You will receive 2 x boxes!!!! 📦📦

Sip tea and dip Manuka honey cookies and gold a virtual zoom, or plan to meet up with your friends to sip and share love, positivity and wellness.

In each box you will receive 

🍪 1 x Packet of Tim tam Manuka honey biscuits, famous in New Zealand and Australia 

🍪 1 x Honey bite cookie box 

🍵 1 x Box of chamomile, vanilla, honey tea 

🦅 1 x Cool wild bird mug 

🌹 1 x Manuka honey geranium rose bath bomb for a soak before your high tea to imagine your English garden 

🧼 1 x Lavender essential oil coconut soap to transport you to the lavender field 

🐝 1 x Mini Bee Hand Cream

😘 1 x Manuka Honeybunch lip balm for great high tea sipping 

🐝 1 x Packet of bee pasture pollen nectar seeds to plant your garden for your next high tea 🍵 affair and a bumble bee poster. 

garnished with everlasting roses, affirmation notes, love and wellness of Manuka honey. 
Please note the two boxes 📦 📦 are sent you the same address.