Mini mystery international subscription box


Launch 🚀 time!

🌍Love cool stuff?

🌏Stuff you cant get in New Zealand?

🌏Brands, originals, and just stuff that will make you feel like the queen of your world 🗺 

📦If you love getting a surprise monthly and #unboxing a bunch of mystery coolness then this mini mystery moment box will blow your little cotton socks off... just enough for you ... not two!

Time to be selfish and spoilt with this box 📦 

🧚‍♀️This cutie pie 🥧 box will include at least 4 items from overseas, hand picked by two sassy gals and shipped to your door 🚪 monthly! 

⏱Once a month we will be on a plane ✈️ with our credit cards 💳 armed and dangerous and ready to shop 🛒 up an international frenzy of the coolest, fab, fun original stuff! 

📦If you can find it in New Zealand won’t be in our mystery box 📦!

🛒So add to cart girlfriends... grab our intro deal and use the code MYSTERY to receive $5 OFF your first box 📦!

🚚 Delivered each month between the 1st and the 7th.  

🛩 ✈️🛩🚀!!!!