Night night Nate State relax pack....

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This pack will relax your wallet hand...allow you to freely remove your credit card, and order 'the best natural handmade soap ever' ! 

This pack supports world trade, the #worldsisters and ofcourse a donation to the You don't only get 'the best natural handmade soap ever' but all of the above too! 

You will receive 6 sexy Honeybunch soaps...infused with manuka honey, goats milk, and lavender essential oil ...this will relax you, warm your credit card up, and you'll feel like having a great sleep after spending a lot of cash! 

After your beautiful natural sleep, awaken yourself with our fab famous man alive loofah soap...this will get you out the door and back out to the shops with your Honeybunch whilst feeling relaxed and calm!  

Enjoy're the best shouldn't you have the best soaps EVER!

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