Oh Christmas Bee Santa Well Beeing Buzz Bundle


We know that Santa 🎅 is a well travelled sort of character, and we all have been a little bit naughty and nice this 2020, so why not try and sweeten the deal with Santa this Christmas! Leave Santa and Rudolph a bundle of chocolate 🍫 and candies from New Zealand and Australia... that will have him leaving the gifts at the door 🚪and no doubt breaking into a carol with Rudolph and his friends ‘oh Christmas bee 🐝 of Christmas bee 🐝’ 

Enjoy a buzz bundle full of sweetness, and we have to own up ... we have a few items which include the fabulous Manuka honey 🍯 but the rest of the selection is our teams favorites! So grab this limited holiday deal now and see why we are always buzzing! 

In this buzz bundle you will receive 📦 

🍯 1 x Darrell Lea Noisy nutty brittle 160grams from Australia 

🍭 2 x Sweet treat natural honey lolly pops, 1 x bumble bee 🐝 1 x kiwi 🥝 bird 🐦 from New Zealand 

💓 1 x Box of Manuka honey chocolate 🍫 hearts from New Zealand 

🍭 1 x Manuka honey rock candy bumble bee design from New Zealand 

🍯 1 x Whittaker’s Hawke’s bay black Doris plus and roasted almond dark chocolate 🍫 bar 100gms New Zealand 

🍫 1 x RJ chocolate 🍫 raspberry balls 220gms from New Zealand 

🐝 1 x large kiwi limited edition Cadbury favourites 530grams - New Zealand 

🍯 1 x bag of limited edition pascal L & P flavoured lumps  from New Zealand 

🐒 1 x perky nana .. our CEOs favorite! From New Zealand! 

 🎅 1 x oh Christmas bee 🐝 oh Christmas bee fiun poster

🎄 1 x adorable felt Christmas tree decoration