Pre-sale! Hand Sanitiser Pocket Sized With Free Holder

$4.99 $13.98

We are buzzing with excitement about our new honey bunch pocket pac hand sanitiser! 

Why is our hand sanitiser SO good!

1. It includes Manuka honey! 

🍯 Manuka honey's antibacterial properties are what set it apart from traditional honey. It also has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, and has traditionally been used for wound healing! 

2. It includes lemongrass essential oil!
🍃 Lemongrass essential oil is effective against a variety of drug-resistant bacteria -  including those that cause skin infections and pneumonia!

3. It is alcohol based for complete sanitising - gets rid of bacteria and viruses!

Because we're doing a pre-sale with our NEW product, we are giving you a FREE hand Honeybunch sanitizer holder (normally $8.99)  as pictured with the hand sanitiser for the first round of orders. As long as this text is here, you will get it.

With so much interest we are offering a pre sale of limited numbers for New Zealand 🇳🇿! 

📦We are offering FREE SHIPPING in New Zealand on all orders $25 and over.

🖐We are giving you a FREE hand Honeybunch 🖐sanitizer holder ( normally $8.99) as pictured with the hand sanitiser for this presale.

🐝You will in the future be able to purchase the refill bottles directly and just slot into your Bumble Bee holder which attaches to a bag, keys, etc easily. 

❤️The ingredients are FDA approved, and it contains 65 percent alcohol.

🐝Bee safe and set your self up for clean hands! 

(Please NOTE these will not be dispatched until the official government lockdown is officially unlocked and our staff are safe to work.)