Sweetie pie Honeybunch monthly subscription


Hey you Honeybunch sweetie pie ...

Sweet tooth and love to try international sweets, chocolate and candies ...

Well here you go ...

We will deliver monthly to you , shipped on the 20th of each month direct to your door!

Sneak it, stash it or spread your sweetie pie stash with your Honeybunch.

Each box will include at least 5 international candies.. perhaps more depending how many we eat in the aeroplane! 

We promise original hard to find treats from far away land so you too can be the Willy Wonker of you candy land!

Note to your sweetie pie self.... these treats will be loaded with sugar ...not gluten free,,, high calorie ...good stuff! 

Our first box will be from the USA!

This is a subscription based product which means we will sweeten your calorie intake every month.