‘Thanks a bunch Honeybunch’


.This buzz bundle is loaded with indulgence, positivity, thanks and gratitude!

In this buzz bundle you will receive

🍯 1 x Manuka honey artisan essential oil soap packages with a positive affirmation card

🍯 1 x Manuka lavender honeycomb color free, fragrance free bath, wrapped into honeycomb

🍯 1 x honeybunch Manuka honey comp coconut oil soap

🍯 2 x assorted inspirational buzz bars, loaded with Shea, avocado 🥑 and only natural goodness! #palmfree

🍯 1 x a little tiny message box with a thank you message!

🍯 1 x honeybunch Manuka honey lip balm

🍯 1 x Whitaker’s Manuka honey and Nelson Pear chocolate bar made in New Zealand.

🍯1 x Lavender Manuka essential oil sugar scrub, perfect for the shower!

🍯 2 x beeswax candles 🕯

📦 packed with positivity and love and every box sold donates to an amazing cause at checkout.

Giving gratitude to people you care about and great non profits at the same time!

Thanks a bunch Honeybunch! 🐝❤️📦

🌍 Worldwide delivery 🚚
🛒 https://www.honeybunchnaturals.com/products/thanks-a-bunch-honeybunch-buzz-bundle