Trio of BIG bath bombs

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Help us put our new team of community peeps through there paces by testing their bath bomb skills! That’s right ... we have now over 20 families working from homes with cool cat stories and just grinding away at life like all of us! As we test our output and production we want to see how many of these we can sell in one month!  So bombs away and order away and let’s get this cool social bath bomb happening!  Once our fam bam have mastered this then they will be producing for export! Go to New Zealand 🇳🇿!  Perfect for you to use for onselling and fundraising too, or even a Christmas stash!

We have prizes, including a trip to Fiji, 100 free bath bombs to give away and lots more!!! So purchase and tag and post below and I will be picking at randomn a spot prize person to receive an exciting treat ... and someOne a tropical 🌴 trio!

Please note bath bombs will be sent out on the week of 20th August! NOT before ❤️


A trio treat of 3 fabulous handmade bath bombs, 3 different flavours but which ones you receive will be a surprise, usually $6.90 per Beth bomb. 

All our bath bombs are infused with manuka honey, coconut oil and cocoa butter whip for extra Moisturisation.  The trio pack will include 3 assorted bath bombs. Each bath bomb weighs around 150 to 225 grams.

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