V.I.BEE 🐝 Buzz Bundle


Welcome to the V.I.BEE 🐝 buzz bundle for the very important BEE in your life ... maybe your Boss, Buddy, business bee or anyone you consider a V.I.🐝

This is the ultimate bundle and includes a BIG bunch of beautiful uplifting wellness products.

You will receive 

🕯 1 x Vanilla soy lotion candle, light and enjoy the vanilla calm and spoon the wax cocoa butter melted lotion on your skin for a beautiful massage and treatment.

🧼  1 x Manuka honey coconut oil  artisan soap infused with lemongrass essential oil for great energy 

🧼  1 x Manuka honey goats milk artisan soap infused with lemongrass essential oil and a positive affirmation card.

💋 1 x 3 pack of our Organic Manuka honey infused lip balms 

🍯 1 x Honeybunch 250 gram Manuka honey mono floral 250 MGO pure honey

🛁 1 x Manuka honey comb fragrance free color free Big bath bomb 

🍭 1 x Box of delicious Manuka honey rock candy 

🍫 1 x Block of Manuka honey Nelson pear 🍐 New Zealand milk chocolate 

🐝 1 x Packet of bee pasture pollen nectar seed mix with a bee garden poster 

📚 1 x Cute relax affirmation card set with a wooden stand for a desk. 24 different affirmations in total.

🍵 1 x Bag of New Zealand chamomile and lemon honey Manuka leaf artisan tea 

presented in our beautiful branded Honeybunch gift box for your V.I.🐝

FREE delivery 🚚 worldwide 🌍