Worker Bee buzz Bundle


This is the perfect buzz bundle to give to your β€˜worker bee πŸβ€™ colleague, friend or significant other who needs to take a moment to relax and unwind.

Working remotely during the pandemic it being separated from your bees knees mates, means you can take this moment to deliver this fab buzz bundle to their door πŸšͺ

This pack is loaded with natural love and includes

🐝 1 x Chamomile Manuka honey lemon herbal infused tea 🍡

🐝 1 x Box if yummy Manuka honey rock candy

🐝 1 x Inspirational goats milk buzz bar soap

🐝 1 x Monkey handmade palm free Manuka honey soap with cool relax affirmation card

🐝 1 x Manuka honeycomb color free fragrance free bath bomb

🐝 1 x Manuka honey shampoo bar for 50-70 washes to wash the work stress of their shoulders.

. 🐝 1 x cool wildlife bird πŸ¦… mug (please note birds πŸ¦… on mugs vary as it’s a series of wildlife birds)

🐝 1 x affirmation card

🐝 1 x Manuka honey lip balm

🐝 1 x tiny message in a box β€˜just relax’

🐝 1 x honey bee lolly pop.

🐝 1 x fact sheet about the benefits of Manuka honey

❀️Garnished with ever lasting leaves and love, and great energy!

All the products are proudly made in New Zealand and Australia in certified organic facilities.

Worldwide 🌍 delivery 🚚